Sabtu, 01 Maret 2014

Something that can make you are enthusiastic to learn German

How? Yes, how?

Many people come to me and to this blog to learn German, include you . Some of them want to study in Germany, some because of work, or just sight-seeing. Whatever the reason, if you want to go to Germany, it’s better to understand German.  People who want to study in Germany should have B1 certificate. People who want to get marry with Germans, people who want to accompany their spouse working or doing research in Germany should have A1 certificate.  Even, if you are just a tourist, it’s better to understand German though just a bit. Germans can speak English, but if you can speak German a bit, Germany, Austria and Switzerland  as well will be your home. 

I was in an old gate of Stadtschlaining, Austria, Fall 2012

As for me, I put some pictures of German and Europe in my rooms. Many young people decorate their rooms with favorite singer and movie stars. Why don’t we put a picture or some pictures of German or Austria in your room? You can download pictures in internet. Please be careful with copy rights of pictures. Check it first before you download it. But I think, if you download and print it for personal use, that can’t harm you. 

I myself put pictures from magazines, postcards or brochure in my room and in the front of my study table. I buy used magazines, it’s cheap, only Rp 5.000 each. And if you buy more, the seller can give you discount. I get brochures when I visited exhibition, especially education exhibition. Some of my friends gave me postcards when they were in Germany, and I was thankful for that. Those pictures make me enthusiastic to learn German and remind me that someday I will be in Germany. Do you remember that our parents’ generations put the picture of Ka’bah and Mecca in the living room, though they have never been there? That’s the sign that inside their heart and mind, they want to be there!! So do you!

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